Max Uninstaller Review

Max Uninstaller Review


  • 1-click uninstallation of  corrupted or unwanted programs
  • Custom uninstallation of impossible to remove programs
  • Gets rid of installation/uninstallation errors and error messages
  • Removes uninstalled program's registry entries as well as drivers
  • Displays comprehensive data on any program installed on your computer


  • Limited customer support options
  • No Mac version

Max Uninstaller Review

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Max Uninstaller is an alternative to the default Windows uninstaller, offering a powerful and unique method to safely uninstall programs that the Windows uninstaller struggles with. If you’ve had a problem removing a program and you’re tired of Windows failing you, Max Uninstaller may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Review Details

Max Uninstaller Solution:

Once you launch the program you’re greeted with the relatively simple Max Uninstaller interface. An initial scan identifies and list all the programs and applications installed on your computer.

From a list of provided programs found on your computer, all you have to do is target the program you want to remove and click “Run Analysis.” Max Uninstaller then carefully searches your computer for all files, folders, and registry entries related to the program that you’ve told it to investigate. You’re then able to press “Complete Uninstall” to remove that program in its entirety.

Norton Antivirus is one of the most notable and popular antivirus programs in the world, but it’s also notorious for how difficult uninstallation can be. The Windows uninstaller has troubles with it, to say the least, so one excellent metric for determining how strong uninstallation software can be is to put it to the Norton test. And Max Uninstaller passes this test. Not only does it safely remove Norton form your computer entirely, it also automatically detects and removes leftover files following the first wave of the uninstallation process. While this takes one extra click to accomplish, it’s far better than any manual alternatives.

The Good ...?

One Click Uninstallation:

Max Uninstaller has several main features. The first a one click uninstallation option that completely removes undesired or corrupted programs immediately. This feature essentially represents the core product offering. But that’s not all! Max Uninstaller can also fix and repair program installation errors, as well as end uninstallation error messages from harassing you. While just about any uninstallation suite can effectively remove programs from your computer, very few can put them back together again.

Removes Files and Folders From Failed Uninstallations:

Max Uninstaller also cleans out files and folders left behind by failed or incomplete installations. Not only can this help clean up your computer, it’s also a great way to save valuable storage space.

Max Uninstaller also includes detailed information regarding the programs installed on your computer.

Registry Cleaner:

This uninstallation software also includes a tool to help you clean out registry entries and unused drivers. This helps to improve overall performance of your computer.

While having useless drivers on your system isn’t nearly as much of a problem as registry errors, keeping your system neat and tidy inside and out does occasionally pay off.

Custom Uninstallation of Impossible to Remove Programs:

Occasionally you may encounter a situation where a certain type of program or application proves impossible to remove - even with max uninstaller. When this happens, you can submit a request, online, for assistance in getting rid of that program.

The Bad?

Limited Customer Support Options:

Unlike other leading uninstaller software reviewed here, Max Uninstaller only provides support via email. The lack of an exhaustive customer support options means it may be difficult to get prompt help when you need it.

No Mac Version:

Max Uninstaller’s interface is so clean, friendly, and simple, that it’s somewhat unfortunate there isn’t a Mac version of the same product. It’s also unfortunate that the demo version of the software is so limited. But to counterbalance that fact, the price for a full use license is more than reasonable when compared to similar suites of this quality.

Bottom Line:

Max Uninstaller comes with every bell and whistle you could imagine, it’s competitively priced, and it does exactly what you expect it to do. If you need to try it yourself, a free demo is available to help you decide if you would like to invest in the full version. While the demo isn’t as functional as the final product, it’s still definitely worth checking out

>>> Download The Latest Version Here <<<

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